How to use the Online Deposit Reconciliation report.

The Online Deposit Reconciliation report is a detailed report of all contributions and receipts over a specified time period - great for seeing amounts given to a specific fund or event.

  1. Go to Reports > Financial and select the Online Reconciliation report. Choose a printable report or opt to export to CSV, depending on how you want to work with the report, then enter a date range.
    *Occasionally the date of the contribution or receipt will be a day or two off from the deposit shown by your bank.  This is typically due to bank processing.
  2. Allocate funds to the proper designations in your accounting software.

Here's an example of an ONLINE DEPOSIT RECONCILIATION report from an actual church but with names scrubbed.  Funds can also be further designated by campus for multi-campus churches.

$OG Deposit Recon

Here's a close up of the summary, bottom left.

Close up

All your bookkeeper needs to do is enter these amounts as income into the accounting software.  That's it!