How to setup Check-in using Internet Explorer on a PC.

Churchteams recommends using Chrome or Edge with Check-in as Microsoft Explorer is no longer supported.

Because Microsoft no longer support Microsoft Explorer, we do not recommend the use of Explorer as a browser for Churchteams Check-in.  

We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser for Check-in.


To use the Churchteams childcare check-in security system with labels you must install a printing component in Internet Explorer. This document explains how to install that component and how to configure Internet Explorer and your label printer. NOTE: Only Internet Explorer version 8 or later on a Windows machine is supported for label printing.

The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer will not work with the printing component so be sure to use the 32 bit version and NOT the 64-bit version.
If you are running Windows 8 you must use the desktop version of Internet Explorer and not the Metro/touchscreen version as it does not support the printer component that is required. Windows RT devices will also not work due to the same restriction regarding not supporting the printing component.

When in the Start menu just type Internet Explorer to locate it and then you can add it to the start menu or task bar. 

1.  Install the printer software and connect the label printer per the instructions that came with the printer.
2.  Set the label printer as the default printer by going to Control Panel and then Printers and right-clicking the printer and selecting the "Set as Default Printer" option.
3.  Set the label size by right-clicking the printer and clicking Properties. On the General tab click the Printing Preferences button and then on the Layout tab click the Advanced button. Set the Paper Size dropdown to the size of label you are using.
4.  In Internet Explorer select the gear icon in the upper right corner and click Internet Options. Click the Security tab and then click on Trusted Sites and set the security level to Medium (see image below). NOTE: Steps 4 and 5 are what suppress the printing prompt when a label is printed.

5.  Click the Sites button and add and to the list of websites and click Close and then OK.

6.  Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select the Print submenu and then select Page Setup.
7.  Check the "Print Background Colors and Images" (used for printing logos on the labels and also for highlighting Allergies with white print on black background) and "Enabled shrink to fit" options and click OK.

8.  Login to Churchteams using the Financial Admin, Group Admin, Staff, or Administrative Assistant password.

9.  To install the plugin  change the end of the URL to: /m/LabelInstall.asp and hit enter


10.  The following confirmation box will ask you if it is okay to install the MeadCo ScriptX component. Click Yes to continue.

11.   The following screen should be displayed after the component is installed. Make sure the printer is turned on and click the "Test Label Printer" button to send a test to the printer. The printer should print an example child label for Cindy Doe and a corresponding test parent label. The label should print without a prompt for selecting which printer as long as was added as a trusted site as mentioned in step 4.

12.  You can now use the label printing when doing check-in via Churchteams!