Leaders aren't getting their email reminders

A Checklist for a leader who is not receiving attendance email reminders

Here are the elements to check when leaders are not getting their email reminders:

  1. Turn them on at the macro level - Groups & Events, Settings, Basic, then click the box in the Access & Email Options section.
  2. Turn them on for each group.  Groups & Events then Browse, pick group, click edit dropdown: group information.
  3. Make sure someone is marked "yes" to receive email reminders and has a working email (see this in the member list for that group).  If you don't see this column, you can add it by customizing the group view.
  4. Make sure the start date, meeting day and frequency are set right (on the edit dropdown select the group information page).
  5. Click on details on the group's page and make sure the "Next Meeting" date is set to the right date including year.

 What if all this is correct?

  1. Make sure the group start date is before you were expecting the email to be sent out.
  2. Double check the meeting day and frequency to make sure it is right.
  3. Have the leader check their spam or Promotions folder if using Gmail.
  4. Manually send them a link to fill out the report by going to their group then click the blue edit button then "Leader access links" you'll be able to create, copy and then email the link to the leader.
  5. If none of the above, email support@churchteams.com with the specific group and leader's email address. If they ever marked an email as spam, our system will flag that and we will need to reset it for you.