How to mass add people to an Email List

It's easy to create and add people to Email Lists in Churchteams!

Setting up the Email Lists 

Email Lists is actually a member attribute, but we've made it easy to see all of your Email Lists in one place and see who is on each list from there.  To first learn more about creating Email Lists, see: Creating & Using Email Lists to email a group of people in Churchteams.

Mass Adding people to an Email List

You can add a person to an email list by going to Communicate > Email > Lists, then Show or Add Subscribers by clicking the icon in the Subscribers column.   

Email Lists-1This task can also be done as a mass action if you have a large number of people, for example in the same group or with others like Member Attributes.

  1. Go to Members > Reports, choose Mass Update Member Attribute.
  2. On the Report page, select "Email Lists."
    • You will be given the option to override any information already in a member profile or simply add another Email List in addition to what is already there.  The recommended response regarding Email Lists, in particular, would be to "add any new values and keep all existing values."
  3. Select the particular Email List from the “Select the attribute value” drop-down list - this dropdown list will include the default, Newsletter, plus any that you have created in the steps above.
  4. Next, choose whom you want to add to an Email List by using Filters in the middle column - you can choose multiple Filters.  Here are some examples:
  • To select people who are already in a certain group, in the Filters column, click Groups > Group Involvement, select People Currently in a Group and choose the group(s) from the dropdown menu.
  • To select people in a particular family role, click the Members filter > Family/Household Roles. Choose Selected Family Role and make your selection.
  • Run Report to add the chosen people to the Email List you selected

    A Note about Unsubscribing from Email Lists

    • If someone clicks the "Unsubscribe" link on your email (whether you filtered by the "Email lists" attribute or not), they will be taken to a page to choose which list(s) from which they wish to unsubscribe.  Members can also choose to "Unsubscribe from all lists."