Can I merge or match two copied member records (duplicates) in our database?

Using the Merge feature to clean up duplicates in the database

Merging members combines information from both records into the member record that you merge the information INTO. All contribution history and group history contained in both records will be combined, so that information will not be lost.

To merge Members, go to Members > Member > Merge

If you know the Member that is duplicated that needs to be merged, search that Member's last name in the Search box just below the blue highlighted box, then click Search.

  • You will be shown two columns, with each column containing every entry of the name you searched in both columns, one listed in the TO column and one version in the FROM column.
  • Check the box in the FROM column for the Member record that you wish to be merged (the record that is least correct and should be merged and/or overwritten) into the correct Member record in the TO column, and check the correct record in the TO column as well.

To review a list of possible duplicates within Churchteams, instead of entering a name in the Search box on the Merge page, skip down to the “Possible Duplicate Member Report” section.

  • Choose one of the three options listed and explained within the Possible Duplicate Report section, then Run the Report.
  • The Possible Duplicates report is a working report that will show one blue highlighted box for each possible duplicated person.  Use the "Swap from/to" button to move the correct record into the "Merge TO Member" column. Once the correct record is on the right side of the page, click the Merge Members button for that particular record and move to the next record.

  • If a possible duplicate is not actually a duplicate and should really remain as two separate records in the database, check the "Don't show again / not duplicates" option (located at the bottom of each blue box) so that this record will not appear again and move on to the next possible duplicate.