What to do if someone is not receiving emails from Churchteams?

Troubleshooting email delivery.

Go to Communicate > Email > History. Search for the emails there. If they come back green, have the intended recipient check their spam, junk, and promotions (for  Gmail) folders. If in spam, have the member use the "Report not as spam" or a similar button, depending on the email server to indicate the email is not spam.  Also, have the member add groupfinder@churchteams.com to their email address book or contacts list.  Taking these steps will help to reduce the likelihood of future Churchteams emails going into a spam or similar folder.

If the search comes back showing emails as red that means the email was marked as Spam from the recipient end at one time or another. We have found that this can happen by accident as a member is marking several items and ours get marked also, or the email server flags the email as spam as it recognizes it is from a business.  In the latter case, the intended recipient may not even realize this has happened.  If this is the case, report the email address to Support@churchteams.com  and we can remove that block for you.