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3.04 How do I show family relationships between members in Churchteams?

Using the "Related To" feature in Churchteams

It is good practice to indicate, when known, any relationship between family members that are not living in the same household.  This is particularly useful when a family member not living in the household brings another family member to church and wants to check in that child.  

To indicate relationships between people not living in the same household in Churchteams:

  1. Use the Search bar to search the last name of one of the family members in the relationship that you are wanting to indicate.  (You can begin with either person.)
  2. On the Member Profile Page, on the right side of the screen, just below the members of the household, click the blue Add button just to the right of “Related to.” (Make sure you are using the Add button in the Related To area, not the Add Family Member button.)
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate relationship for the person shown.
  4. An additional box (Search box) will pop up allowing you to search the family member for which you wish to indicate the relationship.
  5. You will also have the option to check a box to allow this family member to Check-In the related family member (such as in the case of a grandparent, etc).
  6. Click Save.

Continue this process for any other family members.