During check-in, how do we track room counts, capacity and then close them when they get full?

Reassure parents and volunteers that rooms are not being over-crowded by listing alongside each class, its current count and capacity.  Then when capacity is reached, close the room from allowing any other kids to check-in. 

What a family will see.
In this screen-shot the Barclay family sees Nursery A is full, so they check Jenn into Nursery B.
How to set this up.  
  1. Create both groups and set the room capacity.  (Step 1 for Create A Group.  Edit > Group Information for already existing groups.)
  2. Set them up to mirror each other using Roster Synching.  This assures that every child 
    enrolled in or removed from Nursery A is also enrolled in or removed from Nursery B.
  3. Enable Room Check-in Count and Close by clicking the Check-in tab > Views/Settings > Select a View > Check C8.
 Room management notes.
  1. If two families check their children into the last spot in a room at the same time from different check-in stations, the one who clicks Print last will see this warning:SorryFull
  2. Text-to-Checkin works in a very similar way.
  3. If Maximum Size for a room is updated on the fly (phone or another check-in station browser), it will take affect right away.  This will open up new spots in previously closed rooms.
  4. To monitor and update count and capacities for all rooms click the report icon in the bottom right of the Check-in Search page.
    Enter the check-in password and select the new Summary / Capacity Report
    CheckinReportsThis will give you an overall view of counts and capacity for all rooms. 
    Check-in SummaryTo adjust the capacity on the fly, click the Edit button in the header.
    Check-in EditCapacity