Setting up tablets for check-in

Churchteams can setup any tablet to use during the check-in process.

1.  Create the classes you want to check kids into. (Groups & Events > Create)

2.  Setup the label printers - use the label printer instructions page under the check-in button.

3.  Create or edit the check-in view (Check-In > Views / Setup) to include the classes you created and options on name tags that you want.

4.  At the printing station (PC or Mac), login using the check-in password.  Select family check-in, choose your View, then "Start a Printer station - Share printer with other devices" and give the printing station a name.  It is now ready to print labels sent from tablets.

5.  On your tablet login with the check-in password.  Select family check-in, choose the same view, then "Use a Printer Station - For tablets / other browsers" and select the name of the printing station you want to associate with that tablet.  Click ok.

6. IMPORTANT: On your first print from the tablet, watch the address bar on the PC to see if it is blocking the print dialogue pop-up box and if it is click on it and allow that website.  The next time you print it will work properly.