Start Here with Text-to-Church

Access Churchteams easily using the technology everyone is already using...TEXTING!

Text-To-Church allows people to take the initiative rather than waiting to be prompted to respond. 





Click Communicate > Text-to-Church Central to find this form.  Select the option to use your church office number or Search for a new number that we provide.


Here are five ways you can use this feature to help your people initiate ministry:

Text-to-Give makes giving as easy as texting a dollar amount once they've created their account.  And creating an account just involves adding a password.  Try it yourself:  

  • Text GIVE to (817) 677-9850 and follow instructions.  
  • Use our dummy card 4003 0001 2345 6781 - expiration date 04/22 - cvv 123 to give $1.
  • Or text 1 MISSIONS to give $1 to missions instead of the general fund.
  • Add a password and create an account.

Text-to-Register.  Imagine promoting a class or event in your worship folder or on a handout and telling people to simply text one keyword.  After talking about it, a couple can register for a marriage seminar on their way home from church.

  • Try it:  text DEMO to the same number.  Be sure to add a child for childcare.  (You'll need this for the Text-to-check-in demo.)
  • Customize the system to register adults, register for childcare, and take payments.
  • Tell people to save this text-the-church number in their contacts.

Text-to-Attend.  Want a new way to capture worship or youth attendance?  This has been an age-old problem.  Text can help.  

  • Try it: text WORSHIP11 to the same number.  
  • The system takes your attendance and can return a link to a connection form.

Text-to-Check-in.   We are the first in the marketplace to provide text-to-check-in.  As a family drives to church or walks into the building, they use their text-the-church number to text CHECK or CHECK-IN.

  • Try it: text CHECK to the same number. Mark attendance.
  • The security code is texted back so that it is also on your phone.  
  • Attendance is taken.
  • Security tags are ready when they walk to the printer station.
  • Check-in the whole family (kids, youth, worship, and volunteers) using ALL CHECK.

Text-to-Me.  No need to overthink this!  ME is simply our keyword for a person to text the database in order to:

  • Login (coach level and higher) 
  • See/edit my Follow Up assignments 
  • See my Volunteer schedule 
  • View my church directory (if enabled) 
  • Go to important church links (e.g. website or podcast, you choose) 
  • Access groups I lead 
  • Update my information 

Text-to-Link.  Your shortcut to anywhere!

  • Make sure you have set up your Text-to-Church phone number.
  • Click Communicate > Text > Text-to-Church to get to T2C central.
  • Click the blue +Add Link button.  Enter the URL, description and the keyword you want.
  • Click save and you're ready to go.


The whole of the feature suite is greater than the sum of its parts.  Someone registers for an event and remembers they want to give to a missions project.  Stewardship increases. Mom matches her secure ID # from a text to the number on her child's name tag and remembers to register for New Members Class.  Involvement increases.