How to temporarily stop email reminders

Pause Attendance Reminder Emails while a group is temporarily not meeting

There are a couple of ways to delay or pause the attendance reminder emails.  The one we recommend depends on the length of time your group is paused from meeting.

1.  If your Group is only delaying or sitting out one or two weeks, go to the Group, click the blue Reports button located just above the roster, then Meetings. Open the most recent Meeting Report by clicking the date link.  Revise the "Next meeting date" to the new/later meeting date and scroll to the bottom of the report to click Send/Save Report.   **Consider unchecking "Copy email to entire group" before clicking Send/Save so that the report does not go out to all group members.

2. If your Group is set to be out for an extended period of time and the resume date is uncertain (off for the summer and unsure of Fall re-start date), go to the Group page. Click the blue Edit button, then Group Information. On this page, uncheck "Send report reminder emails" so that those will not be sent to the Group Leader for just this Group. Be sure to go back to the Group Information page and turn this setting back on by re-checking the "Send report reminder emails" box when the Group resumes meeting.

3. To turn off the email reminder system entirely (for ALL groups), go to Groups & Events > Settings > Basic Settings and uncheck the email reminders box there.  You will need to recheck it when you want the email reminders to resume.  The advantage with this option is that you don't have to make changes group by group.  You can do it all at once.

Note: the monthly health reports are run on the Monday night after the first Sunday of the following month.  If email reminders are turned off for a group it will not show up on the report.