What do Members see on the Member Activity Page and when they are invited to a Volunteer Schedule?

A Summary of the Member Activity Page - accessed by texting ME to your Text-To-Church number, being invited to Volunteer Schedule, using the emailed Member Update link, or logging into the Online Account

The Member Activity Page allows members to:

A: Add Blockout Dates for Volunteer Scheduling purposes

B: View Volunteer Team/Subs (See Setting Substitute Preferences)

C: Accept All Volunteer Invitations

D: Accept or Decline Volunteer shifts individually

This page also includes, depending on settings and group roles, a Directory link, links to Groups in which the person is a Leader, and the ability to opt-out of Volunteer Reminder Texts.

Volunteer Page copy


Here is a look at a sample email showing a member invited to respond to two shifts in Children's Ministry and the link at the bottom of that email, which takes the Member to the Activity Page.

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 5.23.18 PM copy

Volunteers can also respond to the Volunteer Schedule invitation via text.  The sent text contains a link to the Member Activity Page which is mobile responsive as well.

Phone Images for Vol Activity-1