What emails does the unsubscribe feature relate to and how do I see a list of those who have unsubscribed?

How the Unsubscribe feature works in Churchteams, why an unsubscribed member might get email, and running a report of those who have unsubscribed.

When a member unsubscribes, to which types of emails does it apply?

The unsubscribe option only unsubscribes people from mass emails, i.e. emails sent via Email Lists or through the Reports feature.  Sending an email using the Reports option is done via Reports > Email, then typically one chooses filters such as Church Member type to choose who the email will go to.  Anyone unsubscribed would not receive an email sent via these methods.

Why would someone in our Churchteams database still receive our emails after they unsubscribed?

An email sent out at the group and individual level is not considered a mass email and will still go out to someone who chose to unsubscribe. Emails sent from within a group are assumed to be  from a set of people doing ministry together or another similar personal purpose and should be reserved just for that on a more minimal use.

  • To send an email at the Group level, go to the Group page.  Select the Member(s) to receive the email by checking the box to the left of their name.  Click the Action button, then Email.
  • To send an email at the Individual level, go to the Member's page.  Click the Churchteams icon (CT_C_color@0.5x-100) to the right of their email address, shown just below the blue More Information bar. This will open the email editor to email the individual via Churchteams.

If you have a member who does not want to even receive emails at the Group or Individual level, you will need to remove their email address to prevent a Group Leader from including them in emails.  You can create a Custom Member Attribute (Go to Settings > Members > Member Attributes, click the blue Add button) called Staff Level Information or something similar, and  then store the email address in that field should a staff member or Pastor ever need it.

Is there an alternative to sending out regular emails to a group of people so that Group-level emails can be reserved for Small Group level ministry purposes?

Yes! Emails Lists are designed to be used as a subscription-like collection feature for sending out mass emails to a group of people, such as Church Newsletter (to all Church Members) or Children's Ministry Update (to all parents of children in all of the preschool and elementary groups).  

How can I see a list of everyone who has unsubscribed?

To run a report on those who have unsubscribed, go to Members > Reports, select Member Listing.

On the Member Listing report page, filter to the people who have unsubscribed by clicking (in the middle Filters column) Members > Fixed Attributes.  Enter a date range, such as January 1, 2000 - present day under "Email unsubscribe date range."  

Run the Report.  This will return a listing of everyone who has unsubscribed from mass emails during the date range you entered.  Some churches contact these members to find out if they are still willing to receive Group and Individual level emails, even though they have opted out of mass emails.