What is a worship attendance group and how do we track worship attendance?

Using Groups to take attendance when everyone is a potential attendee

A Worship Attendance group is one in which everyone in the database is a potential attendee of the group (before they are actually added to the Group).  When using our check-in feature, each person in the database is assumed to be a likely attendee of this type of group, and therefore able to check into this group, without first being added as a member of the group.  

To set up a group as a Worship group, go to the group, click the blue Edit button, then Group Information.  Check the box for "Adult Worship/Youth Text Attendance".  

Worship Group

This type of group should be used for any Worship service and any Youth group where they will text to attend.  Click HERE to see how this is used with Text-to-Attend with Youth Groups.  Do not check this box for any other small groups.

Tracking Attendance of Worship Attendance Groups

Once you've created the group, there are three ways to track attendance regularly: (1) completing a meeting report like you would any adult group, (2) using the check-in system with kiosks, or (3) using All-Check, allowing anyone to check-in (or guests to register) via their mobile phone. Our recommendation is to use All-Check so that you have one complete system for taking attendance of members and getting guest information via a digital connection card.

1.  Meeting Reports to take attendance:

If you prefer using the meeting report and checking people that are present from a roster, then you can add everyone in the database to that group all at once by going to Reports > Members and choose 'Add people to a group'.  Use Filters to limit whom you add to the Group, such as only Adults, or something similar, then run the report and put everyone in the worship group.  

2. Check-in kiosks:

For larger numbers of people, use the Check-in system.  First, the group should be a "worship group" as instructed in the first part of this tutorial.  Next, go to Check-In > Views/Settings.  Create a new view for worship and associate the worship groups and all assimilation groups (if you want to use Frist Time Guest groups for example) to this check-in view.

To link a group to a Check-In View, go to Check-In > Views/Settings, then click the "Groups"  link to the right of the Check-In View you will be using.  Check the box next to any group that you want to be available for checking in. 

3.  All-Check to allow anyone to check-in and guests to register:

Using All-Check allows members and guests to check in for attendance.  Guests who are not already in the database will be taken directly to a digital connection card to enter their information.  Members already in the database will be able to check into any small groups and worship, so long as those groups are linked to the Check-In View you are using.

Click here to learn how to set up All-Check.