How do I convert data from my current system into Churchteams?

Step One: Data Conversion Instructions

Fill out this form. It will provide us with information about your data sources and complexity.  Attention to detail will be appreciated, as time spent upfront will ensure accuracy during the import.

  • Including ID fields for the person and household/family level is CRITICAL for maintaining households and correct matching of subsequent data files such as contributions, etc.  It is better to include more fields on a file than not, as we can ignore them during the import if it is ultimately determined that they are not needed.
  • Below is a link to instructions for exporting data from a number of common Church Management systems.  If your data will originate from another system, normally the export to CSV (or Excel) option is in the Reports or Listings area of a system.  If necessary, you may wish to contact your current vendor to get details of how to export to CSV from their application.

Step Two: Review and Pricing

Once our data team receives this information and your sample file(s), we will review it and respond with any questions we may have.  Once these are answered we will be able to provide a price for the import.  This will vary from FREE for small / less complex up to $3,000 for large / complex data.

Step Three: Schedule

Once you have received and agreed to pricing, we will work with you to determine a data import schedule.  This will include an analysis of when and how long it will take to convert and load your data, with a shared goal to minimize impact to your church administrative calendar.

Step Four: Post-Import Review

Once your data has been imported, we will notify you of completion and provide pertinent information for your review.  We will ask that you review the data attributes, imported contribution batches, and any other groups, group members and attendance data that was part of the import.  Finally, in order to quickly resolve any post-import issues, we request that you conduct your review within 5 business days of the completion of the full import.

Data Export instructions for other Church Management Software

Please search this data conversion subcategory of our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to export data from other Church Management software.  If you don't find your current system on the list, please contact our Data Team at for assistance.