What is Growthfinder and how do I set it up?

A discipleship assessment in which people rate themselves on the marks of a disciple. Use the default or customize it.

The ingredients of discipleship are things like prayer, time in the word, obedience, faith, giving, serving, witnessing, character development, commitment to community and more.  Growthfinder gives you a tool for people to rate themselves in these areas.

HOW discipleship is communicated varies from church to church, so we built Growthfinder to be customizable.  It takes a little work to do this, but it does help you keep your messaging consistent. 

Here are the 4 default categories that we use to organize the discipleship attributes. 

  1. Character
  2. Knowledge
  3. Perspective (Vision)
  4. Skills

By default there are 12 subcategories (discipleship attributes).

These are organized underneath each of the main categories.  Here are a few examples of subcategories for each category.

  1. Character - Compassion, Generosity, Integrity, Love, Joy, Patience, Teachable.

  2. Knowledge - God, Humanity, Jesus, Salvation, Bible, Holy Spirit, Sin, Eternity.

  3. Perspective - Faith, Hope, Grace, Family, God's Will, Authority, Identity, Missions.

  4. Skills - Bible Reading, Application, Gospel Presentation, Leadership, Worship.

Each of these subcategories has a question related to it and links for further resources.  Often people change the main categories then use a majority of the subcategories and questions as they are.

Click here to take the default Growthfinder assessment 

Review the assessment and follow up reports to become familiar with the tool.  

Enable and customize the assessment.

Groups & Events > Settings > Growthfinder.

  1. Enable or disable Growthfinder in your account.
  2. Map the assessment.  Follow instructions to outline your customized version.
  3. Resource the assessment.  Follow instructions in order to create the elements involved in the assessment.
  4. Build the assessment.  Follow instructions line by line to connect the various parts of the assessment together.
  5. Helps.  Additional resources that might be helpful.

Two ways to distribute the assessment:

  1. Registration.  Create a Group > Registration Settings and scroll down to the Completions Options section to check Growthfinder Assessment.  Save.
  2. Push out email.  Three ways to do this. 
    1. Within a group click Communicate > Evite to Growthfinder. 
    2. From Reports > New > Communication > Evite to Growthfinder. 
    3. On Member Profile > Invite to Update > Growthfinder.     

Assessment Reports

  1. Individual Member - Member Profile > More Info, click on Growthfinder.
  2. Group - Group page > blue Reports button > Growthfinder
  3. Churchwide - Reports > Growthfinder

Four ways to use this tool.

  1. Mentors with their protege's.
  2. Group leaders with their group.
  3. Group pastors with their ministry.
  4. Senior pastors with their preaching schedule.