What is the best way to handle alternate (snowbird) addresses?

Both Text-to-Church and the Member App provide access for people to update their information proactively. You can also send an "Email request for updated info."

The member address, city, and zip code attributes are used to populate all directories, labels, and other uses of street addresses.  You can create a custom attribute as a text field just to see alternate or other addresses, but uses of that field will have to be manual.

If the primary goal is to keep street addresses current for people, here are a few suggestions to consider.

  1. Create an attribute to identify people who have an alternate address.  This will be used to identify and communicate with those people.  A simple dropdown is sufficient.
  2. If these members use Text-to-Church or the Member App, they can text "Me" or, from the app, click the dropdown by their name to "Update Profile."  This allows them to easily update their address.  Use the custom attribute in #1 as an email filter to remind people to do this a few times per year.
  3. Another option would be to use the Communication report "Email request for Updated Info / Member App" and the filter in #1 to send out emails with a personal link for people to click to update their address.  Be sure to Save this report.  You could even automate sending it out every 3-4 months.

We recommend transitioning all of your communication and even sending statements to our electronic version using email.  This will alleviate the need for an alternate address.