What is the best way to manage a deceased person's record?

Best practices for handling deceased members within Churchteams database

To keep a deceased person's record for awhile for attendance and contribution reports,  the practices we suggest are:
1) Mark the Church Member Type for that person as "Deceased," then remove all of their contact information (especially email).
  • To add a new Church Member Type to your Settings (if you do not already have "Deceased" as a type choice), go to Members > Settings >  Church Member Types. Enter the new Church Member Type in the box at the bottom of the existing list, then click Add New Member Type to create the "Deceased" option. 
2) Move the deceased individual out of the family into their own family, but add them in the Related To area.
  • To move the deceased member out of the family, go to the member's page, Click the Household name on the right side of the page. On the Family page, click the "Move Member Out" button. You will want to put them in their own new household  but do NOT enter a mailing address -- this ensures that they do not ever accidentally get onto a mailing labels report.
  • To add the deceased member in the Related To area, click the blue Add button in the Related to section under the Household area on the right side of the members page.
3) Make a note in the contact section for surviving spouse regarding sensitive information just as a reminder for pastors and staff.