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What is the Coach and Staff Area in Churchteams?

The Coach and Staff features allow other members of your leadership team and/or staff to oversee and interact with small group leaders

Coaches and Staff will receive reports from the group leaders underneath them in addition to any communication sent to the leaders from a group or event registration.  This helps them shepherd their groups well. The Coach role is a leader or shepherd of multiple groups.  The staff role oversees the Coach roll and groups under him/her.  The result is an overview of your entire organization of leaders.

You can re-name these roles according to how your church titles this position, but we recommend a generic term because it is used throughout the software.  To rename these roles, go to Groups & Events > Settings > Basic, Leadership Titles & Security.

To add coaches or staff to particular groups go to Groups & Events > Organization > Coach Area and there you can add a coach, then click on the coaches name to then add groups to that coach.  Follow the same process in the Staff Area.


Groups & Events > Settings > Basic also includes other important options for Access & Email including an option to Enable or Disable all the Email Report Reminders, including those to the Coach & Staff. 


To continue to have small group leader receive email reminders, but disable reminders for Coaches, go to Groups & Events > Settings > Email Reminders.  This is also the page to set email reminders for Coaches to follow up with their small group leaders.

Coach Email Reminder

At the end of the month, a report is sent that lets you know the number/percentage of connections between coaches and leaders and even between staff and coaches if you want to use the Staff Area as well.

There is a limitation on the number of coaches that can be assigned to a group, however a group can have more than one coach receiving the attendance email reports.  To set this up, go to the Coach Area, click on the coach's name and enter the secondary coach's email address into the CC Email Address field.  More than one email address entered here should be separated by a semicolon. The same thing applies to the Staff level in that there is a CC Email for each Staff person so that multiple staff members can receive emails for a single group.