Why won't pictures be saved or replaced?

Clear cookies in your computer to resolve browser issues and allow new image to download

The reason pictures aren't immediately saved when you replace them for an individual or family is because settings in your browser are referring to old information stored on your computer rather than downloading the new picture. 

To resolve this issue, clear the cookies on your computer.  Here are the steps to clean out history of things like pictures for web pages in 3 different browsers.

In Internet Explorer:
Click Tools then Internet Options
In the General Tab under Browsing History, click Settings.
In the Temporary Internet Files tab, select "Every time I visit the webpage".
Click OK to save.

In Firefox:
Click Tools then Options
Click the Privacy tab
Under History where it says "Firefox will" select "Use custom settings for history"
Uncheck Always use private browsing mode. Okay to check "Remember my browsing and download history", "Remember search and form history", and "Accept cookies from sites"
Check "Clear history when Firefox closes and click on the Settings button beside that option.
Under History only "Cookies" and "Cache" need checked.
Under Data only "Offline Website Data" needs checked.
Click OK to save.

In Chrome:
Click the 3 lines under the X in the top right.
Click on Settings
In the Privacy section click on "Clear Browsing data"
Then select to get rid of items as long back as you want. Check "Clear browsing history", "Clear download history", "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data", and "Empty the cache"
Click "Clear browsing data"
Note: this will clear out a lot of saved data from the Internet.